We don't believe in leaving your best friend at home...

At the Seabreeze we don't believe in leaving your best friend at home or in a kennel while you go off on holidays! Why not enjoy your next holiday with your dog(s) at the Seabreeze holiday park?

We welcome most dogs, however to ensure the enjoyment of all our guests, enforce* a few simple (and common sense) rules for those bringing their pets:

  • Please clean up after your pets by collecting "their business" in a plastic bag and disposing of in a rubbish bin.
  • Don't leave your dogs alone in the park. all dogs are to be taken with you when you go out.
  • Keep your dogs on a leash while in the park for the safety of other guests.
  • No dogs in public shared areas (ie. the camp kitchen, entertainment area, amenities or swimming pool).

Abide by these simple rules and you, your pets and all our guests can enjoy their stay at the Seabreeze Holiday Park.

* Failure to abide by these rules could mean immediate eviction from the park (no refunds).

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